Grapefruit Salad

I love grapefruit and since February is National Grapefruit Month I thought it was only right to share a recipe that has been on repeat at our house since the start of grapefruit season. For reference ,grapefruits are in peak season in January and February but the season last from November until May.


How to select:

When you can I suggest buying organic as citrus fruits are known to contain high amounts of pesticide residue but if you are not buying organic just make sure not to use the rind for anything as this is where a lot of the pesticides will be located. Select unblemished fruits that feel heavy for their size. I also would stick to the red or pink variety as they contain more nutrients than their yellow counterparts. You can store grapefruits in your fridge for several weeks so if they are on sale I would stock up.



  • Vitamin C: Half of a grapefruits contains 64% of the RDI for Vitamin C so if you consume a whole grapefruit you have more than reached your recommended daily intake. Remember Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin so you can't "over dose" on this one. We all know how powerful Vitamin C is for our immunity and recent studies have shown it may help prevent signs of aging and who isn't about that life?

  • Vitamin A: Half of a grapefruit contains 28% of your RDI for Vitamin A. Vitamin A protects against inflammation and promotes eye health.

  • Potassium : Half of a grapefruit contains 5% of the RDI. Potassium is great for heart health. Adequate amounts of potassium intake is shown to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.Potassium also plays a role in the electrical activity of the heart.Your body needs potassium to both build proteins and break down carbohydrates so adequate intake is essential for overall health.

  • Fiber: There are 2 grams of fiber in a half of a grapefruit. Fiber helps keep you fuller for longer. For comparison purposes, a cup of popcorn only has 1 gram of fiber.

  • Flavanones: Flavanones are not only free radical killers but also proven to help reduce inflammation in the body. They also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • Phytonutrients: Specifically limonoid which acts as an awesome detoxifer in the body by promoting the formation of enzymes in the liver to help flush out toxins.



This recipe is crazy easy and I like to make it and then pop it in my fridge so it can get even better. I will eat this for breakfast along with some yogurt or as a snack. I made this for my sister Lauren while visiting her in Charleston and she loved it like wouldn't share with anyone kind of love.


2 Tablespoons honey( I try to buy local when its available to get the most benefits)

2 Tablespoons of finely chopped fresh mint( I would spring for the organic variety. The price difference isn't huge)

4 ruby red grapefruits,cut into segments and reserve juice. ( I cut my grapefruit over a bowl so the juice is easily collected)


Whisk honey and mint into juice. Throw your gorgeous grapefruits into a shallow bowl and drizzle with the dressing. Enjoy!


Sarah Regan